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Louisville PTAC Cleaning

this image shows PTAC cleaning in Louisville, KY

Air Conditioner Cleaning is yet another of Louisville Hood Cleaning's fantastic services. Many schools, restaurants, and other commercial buildings feature PTAC units. Even though they were created for industrial usage, many homes use them instead. Call us today at (502) 273-1637.

To clean or not to clean? When you consider the health risks, the fact that they impact your unit's efficiency, and how much it can ultimately cost you (in terms of repairs), air conditioning duct cleaning is absolutely an investment worth making. That's why Louisville Hood Cleaning offers a PTAC cleaning service that will have your unit looking and performing like new in no time!

PTAC units are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew. In addition, the cooling coils in the devices accumulate dirt from refrigerant leaks. Furthermore, they can be difficult to clean by hand because of their location without causing damage to the unit itself. The results of an unclean PTAC unit include:

Inefficiency:  Dirt and mold on the outside of your building's power supply unit (PTAC) will not perform as effectively as they should, resulting in longer shutdown times.

Health risks: Not only is PTAC cleaning important for the overall efficiency of your unit, but it is also crucial for your health and safety. Dirty PTACs can spread bacteria and other harmful particles throughout your building, leading to respiratory problems and other illnesses.

Premature failure: In addition to the health risks mentioned above, dirty PTAC units are more likely to break down or malfunction, requiring costly repairs.

Inconsistent temperatures: The air coming from dirty PTAC units is not as dense or cold as it should be, resulting in inconsistent temperatures. Sometimes you'll be comfortable, and sometimes not.

Higher electric bills: The dirt and mold on your PTAC unit will work against its ability to insulate properly, resulting in higher energy costs.

Appearance: Finally, dirty PTAC units are just unsightly. If your building's exterior does not look its best, it will send the wrong message to potential customers and renters.

You can see why Louisville Hood Cleaning's PTAC cleaning is so important. Not only are our Louisville hood cleaners trained to perform this task, but they are also insured and bonded for your protection.

Louisville Hood Cleaning tells you that the solution is simple! For homes and businesses alike, the service offers comprehensive air conditioning cleaning services in Clarksville, IN. Their technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure top performance from your PTAC unit while protecting your health and safety. 

Thankfully, Louisville Hood Cleaning offers powerful services to help you maintain your PTAC units. We offer a thorough cleaning service that deep cleans these devices and leaves them looking as good as new. For more information on our PTAC cleaning services, please contact us today!

Louisville Hood Cleaning is the perfect option if you're looking for a quality PTAC cleaning service in Louisville. We offer a comprehensive cleaning service that will leave your PTAC unit looking new. Contact us today at (502) 273-1637 to learn more.