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When you are in the restaurant and food service industry, a sanitary and fire-safe kitchen is essential if you want to stay in business and stand-out from your competitors. While you and your employees are busy cooking up great food, oil and grease particles are being released in the air, building up on your expensive kitchen equipment, inside your vent hood and through the kitchen exhaust system. Grease and oil are highly flammable, so as their build-up increases, so does kitchen your fire risk. As well as this, without regular cleaning, old grease will start to go rancid leaving a lingering odor and attracting unwanted pests. If you are running are restaurant or commercial kitchen, these are the last problems you need.

Keeping your kitchen clean and fire-safe is no place to cut corners. At Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning we have years of experience providing the best in cleaning and fire-prevention services and we are the first choice for many restaurants, commercial kitchens, banquet halls and hospital kitchens all over Louisville. There are many reasons a restaurant or commercial kitchen manager might call us for our services. Kitchen hood cleaning, exhaust cleaning, vent hood cleaning, de-greasing of kitchen equipment or detailed cleaning of restaurant front of house are just some of the reasons our customers call us. Kitchens and restaurants don’t run to normal office hours so we don’t either. As well as a regular, scheduled cleaning service we also offer 24-hour on call emergency cleaning support, so if you need any aspect of your commercial kitchen flawlessly cleaned in a hurry, call us any time, day or night.