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Rooftop Grease Containment

Louisville Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment

While you and your employees are busy creating great food, grease and oils from your kitchen are being released into the air and drawn into your kitchen exhaust system. Eventually, this will build up and start to drain out of the exhaust and leak onto your building’s rooftop. This will cause damage to the roof as well as being a huge fire-risk. To prevent this, every commercial kitchen needs a rooftop grease containment system. As part of our total restaurant cleaning and fire prevention service we provide rooftop grease containment systems to restaurants and other commercial kitchens all over Louisville.

Fire protection

It goes without saying that having highly flammable substances like grease, fat and oil building up on your rooftop is an extreme fire-hazard and risks everything you have worked for being burnt to the ground. Even a smaller fire can cause expensive damage and disrupt your business operations. If a fire starts anywhere in your kitchen exhaust system, a build-up of grease on the roof will cause it to spread rapidly. You can avoid rooftop grease accumulation and reduce your fire-risk this with a professionally installed and maintained rooftop grease containment system.

Safety and legal liabilities.

Fire-safety isn’t the only reason to install a rooftop grease containment system. Grease run-off can lead to stressful and expensive legal problems. If grease and oil runs off your roof and into the sewer or storm water systems, your business could be up for some heavy fines. Rain will cause greasy build-up to run off your roof and onto the sidewalk where it becomes a liability for your business should someone slip and fall. In addition, a greasy rooftop creates a hazard for anyone that may be undertaking routine maintenance work on your roof. These are headaches that no business needs especially when they can so easily be avoided with proper precautions.

Protect your roof

As grease, fats and oils are released from your exhaust, without a rooftop grease containment system they will slowly but surely start to build up on your roof. Over time, grease and oil have acidic properties and deposits will start to damage your roof and lead to the need for repairs. The cost of roof repairs can run into the thousands, so an effective rooftop grease containment system is a wise investment.

Our Service and Team

We sell, install and maintain the latest and most efficient rooftop grease containment systems for Louisville commercial kitchens, restaurants and food processing plants. There are a variety of rooftop grease containment systems on the market and choosing the right one depends on factors like type and volume of cooking a kitchen uses. If you are unsure which system is right for you, give us a call. Our skilled technicians can advise you on the right system to best prevent grease build-up on your rooftop and protect your building and business. Get in touch today and let us help you keep your building’s rooftop clean and fire-safe.