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About Our Team

Louisville Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We are a commercial kitchen cleaning and fire prevention company, providing a superior service, based right here in Louisville. If you run a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you’ll know how quickly grease and other contaminants can build up everywhere and with everything else going on with running a business, it can be hard to keep on top of. A regular, deep clean by professionals keeps your kitchen safe, clean and up to health and fire standards. You have enough to do, so let us take care of your dirty work with our full range of kitchen cleaning services. Where ever there is grease, dirt and fat residue hiding in your kitchen, we’ll find it an eliminate it, leaving you with a clean and fire-safe premises.

Our team is made up of hard-working and experienced staff, including licensed cleaning technicians who not only get the job done, they get it done to a standard that exceeds expectations. Whether you need regular cleaning of your kitchen exhaust, grease trap cleaning, commercial fire prevention service or a total kitchen or restaurant deep clean our team will provide your business with the finest and most thorough commercial cleaning services in Louisville. We have a lot of experience helping commercial kitchens meet insurance, fire department and health inspection requirements and we provide our services at a time that suits you. Don’t let grease and oil start to overtake your commercial kitchen, contact us and we’ll take all of your cleaning and fire-prevention concerns. Contact us today for more info.