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Louisville Hood Cleaning - Services

It isn’t easy to run a restaurant or commercial kitchen. When you are dealing with food, fats and oils, keeping the premise clean is virtually a full-time job in itself. It seems almost as soon as something is cleaned, grease, grime and oil have built up all over again creating health and fire risks. It’s hard to keep up! At Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning we provide a full spectrum of restaurant and commercial cleaning services for commercial kitchens and restaurants all over Louisville. We stand out from our competition because of our dedication to ensuring the highest-standards of safety and cleanliness on every job we undertake.

As well as making kitchens and restaurants sparkling clean, we also provide a commercial fire prevention service. Kitchen fires are unfortunately common and most of the time, totally avoidable when proper precautions are in place. Ensuring there is a functioning rooftop grease containment system and that kitchen exhausts systems and hoods are de-greased and kept clean can go a long way to preventing kitchen fires. We also provide, and check fire extinguishers and our licensed technicians can assist you in making your kitchen safe and compliant with fire and health codes as well as insurance requirements. The services we provide include

We provide regular, scheduled cleaning services as well as 24/7 on-call emergency cleaning support to restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout Louisville. A professional service is vital in ensuring your commercial kitchen is fire-safe and meets insurance standards so don’t trust this work to just anyone. Give our experienced team a call today!