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Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

Louisville Hood Cleaning - Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

While you and your staff are working hard cooking up delicious meals for your customers, grease and grime is building up on your restaurant’s vent hood. If regular cleaning is neglected, this poses a fire hazard. Kitchen grease is extremely flammable and a small spark from a faulty wire can rapidly turn into a major fire incident. There are thousands of fires in restaurants and commercial kitchens in this country every year. Don’t risk becoming another statistic. Protect your business with a professional, deep clean and de-greasing of your restaurant vent hood.

Insurance coverage and fire codes

Because of the frequency of kitchen fires and the expensive damage that can occur, not to mention the risk it poses to health and safety, there are fire department codes in place that restaurants and commercial kitchens must adhere to. Insurance policies will have their own fire-risk reduction requirements as well and this will usually include regular restaurant vent hood cleaning. Our team have a solid understanding of Louisville fire department requirements for restaurants and other food service businesses. We can help you meet these codes as well as any insurance requirements with assessment and professional cleaning of your restaurant vent hood.

Protect your equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment, including restaurant vent hoods can be very expensive and regular, professional cleaning can help prolong the life of your investment. If your restaurant vent hood needs a clean and you are wondering, “where can I find a professional hood cleaning company near me?” We have the answer. Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning. We are the experts in kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning and over the years thousands of restaurants and commercial kitchens all over Louisville have trusted us to get their kitchen hood sparkling clean and fire-safe. A properly cleaned kitchen hood also improves ventilation and airflow, making for a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Our cleaning services

We rigorously clean every inch of your kitchen hood, not just visible parts. It takes time and effort to get the job done right but where ever grease and grime is lurking in your vent hood, our technicians will find it. We are the restaurant vent hood cleaning pros. We use only the most effective equipment and cleaning products on the market, so you can be sure of safe and flawless results. We take great pride in serving all areas of Louisville and surrounding communities and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.

Our cleaning staff and technicians

All of the work we do is undertaken by our hard-working and experienced professionals team members. Before signing off on any work, your vent hood will be checked over by a licensed technician to ensure absolutely nothing is missed and it meets health and fire codes. All of our team members not only work hard to provide your kitchen with the best results, they are friendly and easy to work with. We often receive feedback from restaurant owners and managers that our employees made the whole process easy and were helpful and approachable so contact us today. Find out much more details about us.