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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning


In a busy restaurant or commercial kitchen, it doesn’t take long for your kitchen exhaust to start to build up with grease and grime. Left uncleaned for too long and this creates an extreme fire hazard. In addition to the fire risk, your exhaust just won’t work as efficiently as it could. A regular, professional clean is an essential part of commercial kitchen fire prevention as well as a requirement to meet health and fire safety standards and as part of insurance policies.

Advantages of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The number one reason to ensure your kitchen exhaust receives a regular, professional cleaning service is fire-prevention, but there are other advantages as well. A clean and well-maintained kitchen exhaust fan removes kitchen smells, keeps the air clean and helps prevent grease and grime building up on your other expensive equipment. Let’s face it, the investment you put in to get a commercial kitchen up and running isn’t small change so protecting your kitchen equipment is essential. A clean kitchen exhaust also removes odors and helps keep the air fresh, meaning a better work environment for everyone.

Our Cleaning Process

We offer the best and most complete kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Louisville, meeting all health and fire standards. We start with an assessment of the type of food being cooked and the frequency of use. We then thoroughly inspect your kitchen exhaust system before deciding on the most effective cleaning method. We ensure total grease removal from your fans, hoods, ducts and vents using only the most effective cleaning techniques and quality products with all work overseen by a licensed technician to ensure nothing is missed.

More than just a deep clean

At Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning, we go over and above offering our customers a thorough cleaning service. Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure all Louisville fire and health standards are met, as well as the requirements of your kitchen’s insurance policy. While we clean, we also inspect your kitchen exhaust system and can offer advice if we spot corrosion or potential hazards. A kitchen exhaust system doesn’t come cheap, so make sure you have only the best team in Louisville take care of it for you by contacting us for all your kitchen and restaurant cleaning needs.

Excellence in customer service 24/7

We understand that when you run a commercial kitchen, you can’t just shut everything down to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned, which is why we offer our complete kitchen cleaning service any time, day or night. We also provide an emergency cleaning service for your kitchen exhaust if needed, so give us a call any time and we will send out one of our qualified technicians to get the job done fast. As well as exhaust cleaning we offer a full restaurant cleaning service, so whatever your cleaning needs, let us take care of them, so you can get on with serving great food.