Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning

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Running a restaurant or kitchen business is demanding work. You not only need to keep you customers happy with great food and service but keep your kitchen equipment cleaned and maintained as well. While frequent in-house cleaning of kitchen hoods important, you still need to have a regular, deep clean, provided by licensed professionals. Let our team Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning be the answer to all of your hood cleaning concerns! Our licensed technicians work in restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout Louisville, keeping kitchen hoods grease-free and fire-safe, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. If you are a homeowner dreading the task of tackling cleaning your kitchen hood give us a call, we also provide a residential kitchen hood cleaning service.

Importance of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

A professionally cleaned hood is an important part of commercial kitchen fire prevention and regular deep cleaning is a requirement of the health department and many insurance policies. Grease fires are a real risk in kitchens, so a thorough clean is a vital safety precaution. As well as fires there are also issues with grease attracting pests and the odor a dirty kitchen hood can give off.

How Often Should I Have the Kitchen Hood Cleaned?

If you notice visible grease that can’t be removed by regular cleaning, a noticeable smell of grease, the exhaust fan starting to make an abnormal sound or you simply aren’t sure how long it has been since your kitchen hood has had a deep clean, it is time to bring in the professionals. While fire-safety standards require you have your kitchen hood regularly, we understand that you still have a business to run. With this in mind we aim to work with your schedule to make the cleaning process as fuss-free for you as possible.

Residential Kitchen Hood Cleaning

There is nothing like a home cooked meal but over time, grease and grime starts to build up on your kitchen hood. This creates a fire hazard, putting your home at risk. A professional hood clean can reduce your home’s risk of a kitchen fire, giving you greater peace of mind. We are the best and most thorough residential kitchen hood and restaurant cleaning service in Louisville with many years experience making home kitchens cleaner and improving fire safety.  Starting with a hood inspection we then provide a full and detailed cleaning service of your home kitchen hood providing results that are sparking clean and fire-safe.

What Makes Us the Best?

When you choose us for your commercial or home kitchen hood cleaning needs you are choosing a team that aims to exceed expectations. Our trained technicians start with a thorough hood system inspection and will then clean every part of your kitchen hood completely including all fans and filters, the grease trap and ducts. Not even a spec of grease gets past our team and we are proud that our kitchen hood cleaning service helps keep homes and commercial kitchens in Louisville safe from fire and other hazards.

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