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Restaurant Cleaning Service

Food Being Cooked In Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen In Resta

Appearances matter. The very first thing a customer notices about your restaurant is how clean it is. No matter how great the food is or how friendly the service, if a restaurant doesn’t look clean, customers just won’t come back. The last thing any restaurant or café needs is a reputation for being dirty! While your in-house staff can take care of some of the day to day cleaning duties, it pays to get professionals in for a regular restaurant deep cleaning service if you want to stand-out from your competition.

A thorough clean

It isn’t easy keeping a restaurant spotlessly clean when you are dealing with food and drink spills, grease, grime and a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. A regular professional clean not only has your restaurant looking great, it also helps maintain your restaurant and protect against fire and food-borne illnesses. At Louisville Kitchen Hood Cleaning we provide a full spectrum of restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning services. Our skilled and hard-working crew will provide a rigorous clean from top to bottom, with special attention paid to front of house detailing. We don’t cut corners. Under and behind equipment, booths and tables and in small, hard to reach places. If there is grease and dirt hiding, we’ll find it and have your restaurant sparking.

A specialised service

We are not a general cleaning company that happens to clean the occasional restaurant on the side, our total focus is on providing cleaning services for the food service industry. All of our team members are knowledgeable in health and fire safety requirements and know what it takes to bring your premises up to standard. We offer an on-call 24/7 cleaning service and many restaurants throughout Louisville trust us with their emergency and last-minute cleaning needs. Grease removal, grease trap cleaning and more extensive kitchen exhaust cleaning like a thorough hood system clean can all be worked into our customised cleaning packages. We tailor cleaning packages to suit the needs of your restaurant, whether you want a regular clean or simply a one-off restaurant deep cleaning service.

Health inspections

If your restaurant isn’t kept clean up to a certain standard, you run the very real risk of failing health inspections. A failed health inspection can be disastrous for your restaurant’s reputation and you risk fines as well. Our skilled technicians have a solid understanding of local health codes and they know what it takes to make sure your restaurant passes health inspections with flying colors. We have the equipment, the products and the know-how to give your restaurant the most thorough of cleans.

We suit your schedule

When you run a busy restaurant, you can’t just put everything on hold for a few hours while a cleaning crew comes in. We understand, which is why our cleaning technicians are available around the clock, from early mornings to late at night, and we work to your schedule. You can be assured our experienced and efficient crew will have your restaurant cleaned to perfection and be out the door, well before it is time for you to open for business again. Our pricing is very competitive, so call us today for a quote.